How Predictive Analytics Are Transforming Omni-Channel Retail

Source: Retalon
Mark Krupnik, PhD, President & CEO, Retalon Inc.

A Q&A with Mark Krupnik, PhD, President & CEO, Retalon Inc.

Retalon is known for Smart Fulfillment. What does that mean for the retailer?

We are known for having the only fully integrated predictive analytics solution available for retailers. Smart Fulfillment is a small, but important part of it, and I will address it in the next question.

Regarding omni-channel fulfillment, how does predictive analytics help retailers take action on the data and deliver better results?

Retailers have been operating in a multi-channel environment for a long time. It used to be catalogs, telephone, stores, and kiosks, and now it has evolved into e-commerce and mobile as well, but this is not what makes omni-channel retailing a unique shift.

There are several important trends at play:

1. Customer Expectations & Power:

The reality is that customers have a lot more power now. They can compare, review, and purchase from stores, online, or even mobile, and expect to have it delivered promptly right to their doorstep.

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