IP Video — Defining Total Cost Of Coverage

Source: Innovative Retail Technologies

By Bob Johns

Sanford Green Mark Collett

IP Video is taking the retail world by storm, replacing older analog systems at an increasing rate. A lot of this has to do with reduced costs and improved ROI from coverage, resolution, and analytics. Here, I sit down with Mark Collett, GM of Sony Electronics’ Security Systems Division and Sanford Green, Director, USA Sales & Operations, VSA Division, ImmerVision to discuss the total cost of coverage for IP video.

Bob: Traditionally, there has always been a concern in video surveillance associated with a total cost of ownership (TCO). With many retailers converting from analog to IP video, how has this shifted from TCO to cost per square foot?

Mark: In the past, most retailers have tried to justify the cost of an IP video system by calculating the TCO and the return on investment (ROI). However, these calculations are moving targets – they change depending on which groups use the system and for what purposes.

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