Magazine Article | December 19, 2016

Magic Mirror, On The Wall

Source: Innovative Retail Technologies

By Matt Pillar, chief editor

January 2017 Innovative Retail Technologies

Why the fitting room might become the epicienter of customer engagement in apparel retailing.

For apparel retailers, what goes on in the fitting room is a direct precursor to their customers’ all-important stop at the POS. Recognizing that the fitting room experience is, for many consumers, the most lackluster (or downright disappointing) element of the clothes shopping exercise, a slew of tech startups have set out to turn the fitting room experience on its ear. A few months back, we brought you a story about Nadia Shouraboura’s innovative and tech-centric approach to the fitting room experience at Hointer. Today, we’ll look at how two companies are turning a centuries-old fitting room fixture — the mirror — into an extensible customer data gold mine for apparel retailers.