Mobility Will Drive The Miami Dolphins' Customer Experience

Source: Innovative Retail Technologies

By Bob Johns

Tery Howard

A conversation with Miami Dolphins’ Tery Howard

The NFL live experience is challenged by the increasing quality of the at-home experience. Still, there is nothing like attending an NFL game live, and the Miami Dolphins aim to make the experience in their stadium the best it can be. Put in charge of the fan experience from a technology standpoint is Tery Howard, SVP and CTO with the club. Here we will discuss how mobility and loyalty tie in with the fan experience now and into the future.

In your previous RAMP presentation you discuss how loyalty can be a key component to understanding your customer base. Can you elaborate?

Tery: The key to creating any type of great customer experience begins with understanding your customer. Loyalty and mobility are a he part of this for us. First of all, we initiated a new loyalty program called the Fin Club. Although anyone who wants can join, the primary benefits are for our season ticket holders who go to every game and are avid fans. The ticket holder is issued a card tied to the loyalty program, which will eventually be tied to their mobile device down the road. The card can be used to rack up points through purchases online, at restaurants in the stadium, and through the retail stores. These are some of our best customers, and we need to understand what they want and need.

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