Magazine Article | May 22, 2013

Moosejaw Creates Personal Customer Experience With Mobile POS

Source: Innovative Retail Technologies

By Bob Johns

June 2013 Integrated Solutions For Retailers

The outdoor apparel and gear retailer is capitalizing on its new mobile POS to engage customers on the floor and maximize customer-associate interaction.

Moosejaw, the outdoor apparel and gear retailer, prides itself on being a completely different retailer and creating a unique customer experience. One look at the “about Moosejaw” section of its website will show you what I mean, covering everything from company expansion to what car the owner’s mom bought. The company is growing steadily, having opened its 11th store in 2012, with plans to continue expanding it footprint throughout the country. Moosejaw is growing at roughly 20% per year, with its e-commerce site driving a significant portion of the growth. With this growth comes competition in various markets. However, Moosejaw is not a retailer that can compete just on price.

Bryan Lively, Moosejaw’s VP of retail, says, “If any retailer, including us, tries to compete strictly on price, they will margin themselves out of business. We look to create a unique, fun experience.” Part of creating this experience is having the associates out on the floor interacting with the customers on a consistent basis. “We pride ourselves on being leading edge and changing with the customer. Being a true omni-channel retailer means we need to improve the customer experience and be competitive with the Apples of the world,” Lively points out. “Customers expect us to be doing new things that no other outdoor retailer is doing, from a technology standpoint. We have always been technology-forward, and the traditional POS was holding us back.”