From The Editor | October 24, 2013

Moving Beyond Mobile POS To Mobile Engagement


By Bob Johns

Gary Price headshot

Mobile POS is getting a lot of publicity lately with deployments by Urban Outfitters, JC Penney, and Home Depot to mention a few. I recently had the chance to discuss the evolving POS with Gary Price, director of sales, Retail Solutions Division, NEC Corporation of America.

Retailers are notoriously late adopters of technology. Why do you think so many retailers are jumping on board so soon with mPOS?

Gary: It allows retailers to run POS on less expensive and multi-purpose devices. It also allows retailers to interact with the customer at the point of decision where they can upsell or offer complementary products with the purchase. We have two tablets in our portfolio that we feel really satisfy the mobile POS needs, both a 7” and 10” commercial-grade tablets that allow the associated to engage the customers on the sales floor. Being able to provide up to date information on specs, reviews, or inventory is crucial to offer real value to the customer on the floor. It is more than just offering mobile POS, it is about offering mobile service and interacting with the customer at the time of decision and influencing that decision.

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