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Omni-Channel Fulfillment Automation

Source: Celerant Technology Corporation
Omni-Channel Fulfi llment Automation

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How custom, automated shipping logic drives faster fulfillment with fewer resources.

There’s been a lot of buzz of late about big omni-channel retailers experimenting with ship-from-store models to expedite the fulfillment of online orders. The consensus is that the bigger the merchant and the bigger its IT ecosystem, the bigger the challenge store-level fulfillment presents. Big software vendors are rushing to market with systems designed to guide big retailers’ store-level fulfillment decisions. Big workforce management companies are clamoring to develop modules that help big retailers ease their store-level associates into DC-like roles. And the big retailers themselves are working hard to overcome big-company barriers like attribution of credit for the sale and cross-channel inventory allocation.

In short, big omni-channel retailers have recognized that realizing the big benefits of store-level fulfillment of online orders is a big challenge.

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