News Feature | May 5, 2014

Starbucks Rolls Out New SMS, MMS Campaigns For Summer Drinks

Christine Kern

By Christine Kern, contributing writer

Starbucks Summer MMS SMS Promotion Strategy

Mobile calls-to-action launched for “Frappuccino Fun All Summer Long” SMS and MMS opt-in program

Starbucks is riding the multi-channel marketing wave with its new SMS and MMS campaigns this summer as it launches mobile calls-to-action for “Frappuccino Fun All Summer Long.” 

Starbucks has launched its new SMS and MMS opt-in program with call-to-action messages appearing on Twitter, Facebook, and within the company's own application. The messages ask consumers to send a keyword to an opt-in number in order to receive up to six SMS and MMS messages per month. The campaign is the latest in Starbucks' mobile strategy that has also included an SMS trivia contest and a similar campaign last summer.

Starbucks also announced its second-quarter 2014 results yesterday, with mobile continuing to play a significant role for the company’s revenue.

Mobile Commerce Daily reports that Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, Seattle, explained during a call with analysts yesterday that “While many retailers — including many food and beverage QSRs — continue to grapple with how to navigate these shifts, Starbucks’ record Q2 results unequivocally demonstrate how the investments we’ve began making years ago to create the world’s premier portfolio of digital, social and mobile technology assets are paying off, and in a very big way,” said “Our integrated gift card, loyalty, social and mobile platform is bar none the largest and most successful in the world.”

In March, Starbucks introduced an enhanced mobile app which includes digital tipping, digital receipts and a streamlined user experience. In a release, Schultz credited the customer loyalty program, among other factors, for the company’s continued success, stating “The innovation we are bringing to market through reinvention of our Teavana business and partnership with Oprah Winfrey, our re-imagination of the Starbucks Experience through next-generation payment and loyalty programs and our continued investments in the over 200,000 Starbucks partners who wear the green apron every day continues to build equity in the Starbucks brand and strengthen our connection to customers in every market in which we operate.”

The new campaign’s calls-to-action are appearing on Twitter, Facebook and via messages in the inbox of the Starbucks’ mobile application. The coffee giant posted a message to its Facebook page encouraging consumers to text the keyword STRAW to 22122 next ton image of a Frappuccino with eyes drawn on it. The copy reads: “What has a green straw and wishes it had thumbs? This guy.”

Another message within Starbucks’ iPhone app message inbox prompted the keyword WOOHOO to the same short code.

The campaign features various humorous takes on how much some consumers love the drink.

Once consumers submit their texts, they receive a message welcoming them to Starbucks’ summer SMS and MMS program. Among the images now being are a cat holding a Frappuccino that then disappears as a kaleidoscope of color shoots out of the cats’ paws, and an eagle dancing with a drink in its hand.

Consumers will receive up to six SMS and six MMS messages per month in exchange for opting in.

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