Magazine Article | June 24, 2013

The Rapid Evolution Of The POS

Source: Innovative Retail Technologies

By Bob Johns

July 2013 Integrated Solutions For Retailers

The stand-alone POS is evolving from just a checkout into a business data center that enables better customer service and increased sales.

The POS has always undergone change — from handwritten receipts, to manual cash registers, electric cash registers, manual credit card machines, scanners, card processors, and computers. However, each of these steps was incremental. Mobility, however, has the potential to be more disruptive to the current POS system than any other technology before. Entire organizations are abandoning the traditional cashwrap and POS for mobile solutions. But is that the best route? Here we talk with Kathy Kiely-Skaggs, VP of sales and marketing with UTC Retail, about the evolution of the POS.