From The Editor | July 24, 2013

Together Commerce — Connecting Retailers And Customers


By Bob Johns

Bob Johns, Robert Johns, associate editor

Retail is a rapidly evolving business, heavily impacted by the economy, e-commerce, mobile technology, and consumer choice. Now more than ever, retailers are working to eliminate internal silos to allow companies to function as one holistic unit. This creates a seamless experience for the customer and associates across channels. This is one of the reasons Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions created Together Commerce. “Retail has changed,” says Leo Suarez, SVP of worldwide marketing and strategy. “We have seen the customer take control of retail and drive change. Customers now have more choice than ever before, and they are completely mobile.”

Together Commerce is more of a philosophy than one particular solution. It is all about the customer and their interaction with the retail brand. “It’s no longer a B2B industry or even B2C, it is about the buying process, not the selling process,” Suarez says. “It is now a B2B&C world that acknowledges the consumer’s power — affecting the entire buying process.” Companies have to embrace the omni-channel philosophy to engage the customer in multiple channels, and ensure the retailer’s products are available in each of those channels. One of the most important channels is brick-and-mortar, where the customer and the associate and brand have direct interaction.

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