News Feature | May 10, 2017

UPS And Sealed Air Unveil New Packaging Innovation Center

Christine Kern

By Christine Kern, contributing writer

UPS Logo

New center showcases fulfillment of the future with new technology.

The fulfillment of the future is at the heart of a new Packaging Innovation Center recently unveiled by UPS and Sealed Air in Louisville, Kentucky near the UPS Air Group’s global headquarters. The new center will address packaging and shipping challenges of ecommerce retailers by maximizing efficiency, minimizing waste, reducing shipping costs, and increasing brand affinity, according to a UPS statement.

“One of the biggest challenges UPS customers have with e-commerce, and across other industry segments, is that they struggle to create efficiencies and enhance profit margins while still improving consumers’ perception of their brand,” said Alan Gershenhorn, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, UPS. “UPS customers don’t just need supply chain innovation. They also need packaging innovation. Our partnership with Sealed Air, and the new Packaging Innovation Center, will allow UPS to bring a more complete set of solutions as we help customers re-imagine their entire supply chains, including packaging.”

In November 2016, UPS and Sealed Air signed a strategic partnership to help businesses prepare for the future of supply chains, fulfillment, and packaging for global ecommerce success. With the rise in cross-channel fulfillment, brick-and-mortar linear supply chains must be reimagined to meet current consumer expectations.

“The at-home delivery experience is more important than it has ever been. Consumer expectations for fast, free, on-time delivery leave businesses and retailers with very little room for error,” said Jerome Peribere, President and Chief Executive Officer of Sealed Air. “The partnership between Sealed Air and UPS allows us to combine our decades of expertise and innovation to help our customers create those exceptional delivery experiences from the point of manufacturing all the way through to the last moment of truth in front of the consumer.”

The Packaging Innovation Center will provide consulting services, perform package performance analyses, and work to help companies reach the minimum amount of packaging for maximum product protection.