Magazine Article | August 22, 2013

What's Driving The Future Of Loss Prevention?

Source: Innovative Retail Technologies

By Bob Johns

Loss prevention professionals' duties are undergoing a massive shift as retailers deploy new technologies, and criminals follow suit.

We all know how retail has changed with the emergence of omni-channel retailing and mobility. However, something that has been somewhat overlooked as stores are renovated, new e-commerce and m-commerce sites are built, and mobile devices are deployed in stores is the effect on loss prevention.

Internal and external shrink numbers have always fluctuated, but with the rise in organized retail crime (ORC) and advancements in the technologies they use, LP professionals are being forced into a whole new world.

Last year, our annual Loss Prevention Research Supplement covered ORC from several angles, including fighting online fraud, how a store's interior affects a shoplifter's perception, the National Shrink Database, and where we stood in understanding ORC. This year, we are looking at the evolution of the LP professional, how they are affected by the rise of mobility and new technologies, and where the profession is headed in the future.