Loss Prevention Podcasts

  1. Commerce Of Caring: Season 01, Episode 01: Liberia

    From heartbreak to hope: The remarkable journey forward of a community in crisis and the volunteers who are helping to pave the way.

  2. Innovative Retail Technologies With Matt Pillar And Erin Harris

    Listen in as Matt Pillar and Erin Harris discuss the exciting changes coming to Integrated Solutions For Retailers.

  3. Security Management: How Retailers Can Take Charge

    Integrated Solutions speaks with Steve Sell, director of marketing North America, Tyco Integrated Security, about how retailers can juggle the installation, support, and management of all the various security systems they need today.

  4. IP Video — Not Just For LP Any More

    There are so many things to consider when protecting your business — from article security to access control and many other things. They all impact the retailer’s bottom line. Starting with intrusion, access control and fire detection, many retailers face fines due to false alarms, and not to mention the fact that manpower is wasted brining in managers to check on the alarms.

  5. How IP Video Benefits All Of Retail Operations

    Retailers are notoriously slow in migrating to new technology, but there has been a huge push towards IP Video lately. This is evident in a recent case study with Saks Fifth Avenue in the June issue of Integrated Solutions for Retailers Magazine.

  6. IP Video — Not Just For Big-Box Retailers

    Retailers of all sizes can benefit from the advancements in IP video. Whether it’s analytics or reduced infrastructure costs, IP video presents one of the most cost-effective solutions for retailers of all sizes. Here, Bob Johns, editor of Integrated Solutions For Retailers magazine and RetailSolutionsOnline.com, talks with Hedgie Bartol and Jackie Anderson, business development managers in retail with Axis Communications, to discuss the benefits of IP video for small and mid-size retailers. Feel free to listen to the podcast or read the text-only version.

  7. Are You Ready For IP Video Surveillance?

    Tyco Security Product’s Senior Product Manager, Video Management Systems and Analytics, Dave Jackson talks to Erin Harris about the security and cost benefits of IP video surveillance. Jackson also advises retailers who may be interested in migrating to IP how to accomplish this even while they are still using their analog technologies.

  8. Mobile Application Security

    Rick Hayes, senior principal consultant and Karthik Rangarajan, principal consultant, at Dell SecureWorks talk to Erin Harris about the importance of preventing business logic flaws and what that means for your business. Specifically, they cover the vulnerabilities that are routinely overlooked during the Web application assessments. Hayes and Rangarajan also discuss how businesses can prevent or evaluate business logic flaws.

  9. Inside Intelligent Cash Handling
    In this podcast, Ed McGunn, president at Corporate Safe Specialists Fire King, talks to Associate Editor Erin Harris about how cash automation is changing retail. McGunn explains how intelligent cash handling automation can benefit retail, and also he provides advice for retailers looking to invest in cash automation solutions.
  10. NASP’s Say No To Shoplifting Campaign
    Barbara Staib, director of communications at the National Center for Shoplifting Prevention (NASP) talks to Associate Editor Erin Harris about the organization’s Say No To Shoplifting campaign. Staib covers how retailers can participate, explains the value to both the retailer and retail loss prevention.