Retail Industry Videos

  1. Zebra Technologies: No Hassle Payment Solutions

    Enable your customers to easily check out with our newest device, the PD40. Take a look at all of Zebra Technologies Android based products and learn how they can give your customers a superior shopping experience. Visit for more information.

  2. Customer Engagement Business Models For SMRs

    From evangelizing social media and the importance of a great mobile experience to e-commerce and staying connected in your local community, Craig McCollum, Executive Vice President of the Americas for Epicor, talks to Erin Harris, Editor in Chief at Innovative Retail Technologies, about the things small to midsize retailers (SMRs) must do to enhance customer engagement.

  3. What Is GoSpotCheck?

    GoSpotCheck’s field management software helps brands like Beam Suntory, Maui Jim and OtterBox improve their retail execution every day. Check out this quick video to see mobile data collection in action.

  4. Incentive Comp In Retail: 5 Bottom-Line Benefits

    Among all the facets of retailing, employee motivation is one of the most important and manageable factors for success and profitability. A disgruntled sales associate is unlikely to connect well with customers. Retailers looking to increase wallet share and drive desired behavior such as increased cross sell/up sell opportunities, improved customer service and customer retention rely on incentive comp plans and strategies.

  5. Competing On Service

    Listen as ISR’s Executive Editor, Erin Harris, talks to Steve Rowen, Managing Partner at RSR Research about innovation’s essential role in helping retailers outpace their competitors on customer service.

  6. Reduce TCO Of Your Network

    Greg Griffiths, VP of Product Marketing at Earthlink talks to ISR’s Executive Editor, Erin Harris about how retailers can reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) for their networks. Griffiths also addresses retailers’ concerns about moving networks to the cloud. 

  7. Innovative Retail Technologies With Matt Pillar And Erin Harris

    Listen in as Matt Pillar and Erin Harris discuss the exciting changes coming to Integrated Solutions For Retailers.

  8. 3 Ways To Drive An Innovative Culture In Retail

    In this informative podcast, Dave Finnegan, CIO at Orvis, shares with Erin Harris three specific ways to drive a culture of innovation inside the organization and why SMRs especially are in the perfect position to adopt innovative solutions and processes to improve the guest experience.

  9. Which WAN Is Right For Your Business?

    Businesses with operations distributed across multiple, geographically dispersed locations have an increasingly critical need for virtual private networks to interconnect their locations.  Most choose between the two most common types of IP-based VPNs: IPsec and MPLS. Other options include private line and metro Ethernet.

  10. Solving The DC’s Omni-Channel Commerce Challenges

    From changing order profiles to a shrinking qualified labor force to fast-paced operations, distribution centers are feeling the pressure of omni-channel commerce. Jerry Koch, Director Of Corporate Marketing and Product Management at Intelligrated, talks with ISR’s Executive Editor, Erin Harris, about how retailers can cost-effectively overcome those challenges to drive an efficient fulfillment process, and in turn, a pleasant customer experience.