Articles by Brianna Ahearn

  1. Target Lowers Minimum Purchase Amount For Free Shipping To Undercut Competitors

    In the world of retail online, free shipping is one of the more powerful the weapons of competition among the world's biggest retailers, and now it's gotten even more cutthroat. Internet retailer Amazon has long offered free shipping with a minimum order of $35 or more to consumers, but now the website has been undercut by one of its competitors.

  2. The Home Depot Announces 80k New Positions

    Spring is known as the home improvement season, and is retailer The Home Depot's busiest time of year. The home improvement company is preparing for the increased sales and store visits by hiring 80,000 new employees to meet demand. The news came via press release on February 10, and the new 80,000 employment opportunities include positions in the retailer's distribution centers, as well as The Home Depot stores.

  3. Target, Whole Foods Market Test Strength Of Loyalty Programs

    Retailer Target has just launched a new loyalty program known as REDperks, according to REDperks is currently available in select markets, and rewards consumers for everyday purchases. Like other loyalty programs, Target gives users points for the dollars they spend at Target stores.

  4. Inside Pinterest’s Buy Button

    Pinterest, the popular social networking website that lets users “pin” images of food, home décor, and more, is getting into the e-commerce game. Used by homemakers, bloggers, and creative alike, Pinterest is a tool letting users save images and links worth keeping on a digital bulletin board.

  5. How Best Buy Thrives

    As Radio Shack files for bankruptcy and sells off more 1,000 stores, it's worth observing how Best Buy has managed to survive.  The retailer has embraced an omni-channel approach, looking for ways to make shopping interactive and informative for both shoppers on and offline.

  6. Land's End Hires Former Dolce & Gabbana Executive As CEO

    Land's End, an American apparel company with its origins in rugged, outdoor clothing, is reinventing itself by hiring a CEO from the world of luxury brands. This month, former CEO Edgar Huber stepped down amid a disappointing fourth quarter performance.

  7. Target Announces Store Growth Plans for 2015, Including Several Smaller Format Stores

    As Target is winding down its operations for Target Canada, the U.S-based retailer is making plans for expansion in the United States. On February 9, Target announced via press release its plans for store growth in 2015.

  8. New Survey Shows Consumers Still Prefer Shopping In Stores

    Online shopping offers convenience for shoppers and often lets them secure a good deal, but how popular is the practice? While many brick and mortar retailers have embraced an omni-channel approach and let consumers shop for their merchandise online, the results of PwC's 8th annual consumer survey, Total Retail: Retailers and the Age of Disruption, shows that consumers still prefer to shop in a physical store rather than online.

  9. Amazon Looks To Buy RadioShack Locations

    As news of RadioShack closing its stores for good hit the business world, the question became what would become of the thousands of stores in the chain.

  10. Office Depot, Neiman Marcus To Implement MasterCard Masterpass

    MasterCard's Masterpass digital payment system launched in February 2013, and was quickly embraced by retailers from multiple industries. Mastercard recently announced the payment platform has two new merchants signing up for it to make shopping easier for their customers. Neiman Marcus and Office Depot will be the newest retailers to accept Masterpass, which is currently used in 16 countries.