Articles by Brianna Ahearn

  1. lululemon Founder Chip Wilson Leaves Company

    lululemon, a retailer of yoga and athletic apparel, is about to have a new leader. Chip Wilson, founder of lululemon, resigned from the company's board this week, announcing he would be leaving now that the retailer had returned to its “core values of product, brand and culture.” The news came via a statement released by the company.

  2. Amazon Shuts Down Wallet App

    Not even a year after quietly launching their Wallet app, Amazon has pulled the app and support for it from their website. Cnet reported that users of Amazon Wallet app were notified this week via email of the change, and were told the company was shutting it down. Amazon is also removing it completely from the Google Play and Amazon store. Amazon Wallet was the recipient of lukewarm reviews, especially in the wake of Apple Pay which launched a few months later, and it's no surprise that Amazon has decided to abandon the project, which supported nearly 70 retailers.

  3. Neiman Marcus Announces Interactive Retail Tables In Three Stores

    On the heels of Neiman Marcus debuting their new smart mirrors in several pilot stores, the luxury department goods retailer has a new technology aimed at helping customers shop more effectively.  The retailer has partnered with technology company T1Visions to create three interactive retail tables. Neiman Marcus has installed the tables, known as inTouch Interactive Tables, in three stores located in Chicago, Austin and Topanga.

  4. Neiman Marcus Tests New Smart Mirrors

    Shopping for clothing is about to become even more high-tech for Neiman Marcus customers. The luxury department store is unveiling a pilot test of their new smart mirrors from MemoMi Labs. The mirrors, known as Memory Mirrors, will help customers try on clothes virtually, and integrate with the existing retail space.

  5. Inside eBay’s Retail Associate Platform

    eBay has explored partnerships with major brands such as Kate Spade, and now has a new feature for retailers. The auction and e-commerce company has increased the rollout of its new Retail Associate Platform, a tablet-based software unveiled in late 2013. Retail Associate Platform connects brands by giving them a way to connect the offline store with the online world. Using it, brands will be able to better engage with customers, and create a profile for each shopper.

  6. Panasonic Debuts New Electronic Shelf Label System

    In 2014, Kroger super market began a test of digital shelf labels, and with companies seeking technology to enhance the consumer shopping experience,  more retailers are already following suit. Digital shelf labels are helpful to the consumer because they make the text easier to read, can update with more accurate pricing information, and can incorporate video and sound.

  7. Lowe's Shows Off Tech To Aid Shoppers' Purchase Decisions At CES 2015

    The 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, began January 7, 2015, and will showcase the latest in consumer electronics, such as smartwatches, TVs, video games and more. Among the innovations of consumers and tech experts can expect to see at CES 2015 is the innovative technology demonstrated by home improvement store Lowe's. The technology is the work of Lowe's Innovation Labs, a hub of Lowe's Companies and which offers innovation for retailers to help consumer problems.

  8. Walmart And Card Cash Offer Exchange Of Over 200 Other Merchant Gift Cards

    Gift cards are one of the most popular gift items over the holidays, as evidenced by a survey from Bankrate. The survey found that 84% of Americans have received a gift card.

  9. Retail Trends To Watch For In 2015

    The retail industry readily embraced technology in 2014, offering options such as mobile apps, smart dressing rooms, click to collect features and more for consumers.

  10. New Survey Indicates Power of Mobile Apps, Loyalty Programs

    Mobile devices are common tools for marketing for retailers, and are growing in popularity each year. Retailers are now looking to mobile devices to see how they can connect, interact and incentivize customers. A market analysis from Forrester's Consumer Technographics Retail Online Benchmark survey found that in marketing, some aspects of mobile marketing perform better than others. The study was a survey of 50 managers and executives at retailers who maintained a workforce of 500 or more employees. Forrester conducted the study for SPS Commerce, a cloud service company helping retailers optimize their omnichannel performance.