Retail IT Products

  1. Fingerprint Biometric Reader Add On To Your POS

    Stop employee theft with Crossmatch® DigitalPersona fingerprint readers. Replace PINs, passwords, cards and keys with fingerprint authentication ensuring only authorized users gain access to POS terminals, applications and networks. Users simply place a finger on the reader window and the reader quickly logs in the user.

  2. Threat Monitoring And Defense

    24x7 security monitoring to prevent breaches and protect your data.

  3. Application Performance Optimization

    Diagnose and resolve network performance issues.

  4. Hybrid WAN

    A cloud optimized network that improves application performance and reduces costs.

  5. Secure WiFi & Analytics

    Drive Customer Engagement and Insight with Secure WiFi & Analytics service for private internal use and public guest/in-store access.

  6. MPLS Network

    A private nationwide managed network that securely connects business and cloud applications.

  7. Cloud Connectivity

    EarthLink Cloud Express™:A private, secure high-performance connection to leading cloud service providers.

  8. Hosted Voice/Hosted PBX

    A full featured, cloud-based phone system that replaces traditional PBX systems.

  9. Hosted Contact Center

    A better way to connect with customers by email, chat, web, phone or social media.

  10. PCI Compliance

    Financial breach protection and solutions for achieving and maintaining compliance.