Vendor Insights

  1. Fraud And Security Today: As EMV Stops In-Store Fraud, Criminals Move Online

    It’s nearly two years since the EMV changeover—but fraud hasn’t yet disappeared. Not only that, breaches are still taking place at major chains, and a new one seems to make headlines every week. So was EMV worth it? And how can ISVs make sure they stay ahead of the next trend in fraud?

  2. Retailers Blueprint For Success - Enabling Great Customer Experiences

    Examine the common challenges holding retailers back and the five customer-focused commerce musts to building a unified customer experience.

  3. How Prada Leveraged Wi-Fi To Accelerate In-Store Innovation

    In 2015, The Prada Group realized it needed to add guest Wi-Fi to their stores. It chose a personalized experience platform which more than met critical customer needs while adding a crucial building block for future capabilities. The Prada approach is applicable for any brick-and-mortar retailer on the path to unified commerce. By Jeff Abramowitz, president, Cloud4Wi

  4. The Overlooked Importance Of Customer Feedback

    Mike Maher, co-founder and CEO of Taylor Stitch and Aura Nelson, senior manager consumer insights for Wolverine Worldwide took time to talk customer feedback with, covering everything from what can be accomplished with customer surveys to the best way to analyze the data they generate to make better customer-informed buying decisions.

  5. Why the State of Brick and Mortar Retail is Far from Gloom and Doom

    The fact that we’re witnessing several brick and mortar stores closing this year is not fake news, but much of the media’s coverage of these events has painted a false picture that it’s all but over for traditional retailers. To get a little more perspective on this topic, it’s important to look at some of the positive things that are happening in retail along with research that challenges the mainstream narrative.

  6. Why Loyalty Programs Could Be The Tipping Point For Mobile Payments

    Mobile wallets have been around for years now, and industry experts have called them The Next Big Thing in payments for their entire existence. But adoption rates have never quite matched up to the enthusiasm and excitement—while mobile wallet share is increasing month to month, it's still dwarfed by physical card transactions.

  7. Office Depot’s Push To Standardize Product Information Across All Channels And Increase Speed To Market

    Maintaining accurate, standardized product data across all channels is a priority, as consumers have learned to expect a seamless retail experience. Sam Copeland, vice president of merchandising operations for Office Depot, Inc., took time to discuss why expanding assortments and the demand for personalization are placing additional emphasis on the need for centralized master data.

  8. Bringing IT Together: Major Theme of Upcoming Forum

    Hedgie Bartol, retail business development manager at Axis Communications, talked to LossPreventionInsights about the company’s upcoming Axis Retail Leadership Forum. Bartol explains that interdepartmental collaboration will be a major theme at this year’s event. Read on to learn more.

  9. Add Inventory Management To Your “To Do List”

    When it comes to task management for your small to mid-sized business, don’t get so focused on sales that you neglect to add inventory monitoring and analysis to your “to do list.” Fail to acknowledge the value of this kind of protocol in a restaurant, for example, and you can wind up spending your hard-earned profit on food that spoils and winds up in the dumpster, not on the plate. The same is true for bar owners.

  10. How To Deal With Small Business Compliance With Zip Checklist

    Small business compliance includes a lot of important administrative things that take all the fun out of being an entrepreneur. However, it’s extremely important to deal with these regulations and finish everything in time for these rules to provide necessary safeguards. At the same time, when you fail to follow them, you risk a lot. Do not claim that you were not aware when you made a mistake. Instead, try to avoid it at the earliest stages.