Retail IT Case Studies

  1. The Home Depot Improves Forecasting, Optimizes Scheduling, And Improves Customer Service With WFM Solution

    During the 2012 first quarter earning’s call for home improvement giant, The Home Depot, investment analysts expressed interest in the positive operating expenditure data the company reported. The company’s Workforce Management (WFM) solution, by Empower Sofware Solutions, received some of the credit for the uptick.

  2. Planning Drives Customer-Centric Growth At Visionworks

    With 620 stores and counting, the national eye care services brand supports an expanding volume and selection of merchandise with Island Pacific.

  3. Columbia Sportswear Company Invests In Flexible, Scalable Solution To Secure Payment Data

    Columbia Sportswear Company is a leader in the global outdoor apparel, footwear, accessories and equipment markets, earning an international reputation for innovation, quality and performance. As a forward-thinking company, Columbia wanted to ensure the highest level of service and security for their customers in all retail store locations. They desired a payment solution that was proven, reliable and scalable.

  4. Silver Diner Takes Next Step In Payment Security Using Point-to-Point Encryption Solution

    Silver Diner, a locally owned chain of family-friendly diners in Maryland, Virginia and New Jersey, has an unrelenting passion for excellence. The Silver Diner team continuously seeks to improve guest satisfaction by embracing innovative technology solutions that add to operational efficiency as well as increase data security.

  5. Discount Retailer Innovates Online Model

    Vipshop website delivers high quality shopping experience during huge spikes in traffic through data center upgrade.

  6. Top Travel Website Solves Issues 97% Faster

    Thomas Cook sees 30 percent increase in bookings and a 50% drop in support calls, thanks to Foglight.

  7. Japanese Online Retailer Meets Global Demand For Latest Fashion Trends

    Start Today’s Zozotown retail site improves the shopping experience for six million fashion savvy subscribers.

  8. Protecting The World’s Largest Truckstop

    Iowa 80 Group provides 100 percent uptime for security camera data, avoiding liability in lawsuits based on fraudulent claims.

  9. Wet Seal Resolves Web Issues, Reduces Workload And Projects A Faster ROI

    With e-commerce sales comprising a significant portion of the company’s revenue, Wet Seal needed more insight into its Web applications to make its performance problems easier to find and resolve, as well as alleviate end user complaints.

  10. La Perla Streamlines Secure Global Networking With Dell SonicWALL

    Apparel retailer gives worldwide offices and boutiques easy, secure access to headquarters resources.