Retail IT Case Studies

  1. Modell's Sporting Goods Reduces Time Spent Scheduling By 77% With WFM Solution

    As Modell’s experienced continued growth in the United States throughout the last decade, a number of business needs were identified that couldn’t be satisfied with their existing workforce management solution. Visibility was nonexistent, in terms of how stores were spending their payroll, and there was also no capability to calculate the ratio of sales to non-sales related activity in stores. In terms of scheduling, visibility was also limited.

  2. BJ's Wholesale Club Achieves Centralized Control And Wall-To-Wall Scheduling Capability With WFM Solution

    Tremendous growth and continuous expansion for the company brought on new kinds of HR and operational challenges as systems became older and outdated, while the number of employees increased. Separate systems were being utilized for time and attendance and labor management, requiring the development of an interface to share data across the two platforms. Clubs did not have wall-to-wall capability for comprehensive labor forecasting and scheduling using different staffing requirements, policies, and standards, which is considered a necessity with the growing number of employees and needs in today’s retail world.

  3. Business Intelligence Helps Global Fashion Empire Stay Ahead Of the Market

    PVH Corp., the owner of brands such as Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger, strengthens market responsiveness with Island Pacific SmartAnalytics.

  4. Launching Omni-Channel Commerce At Laura Canada

    Sam Barnes, former Director of eCommerce at Laura Canada, explains Laura Canada's omni-channel commerce vision and successful launch with OrderDynamics. Laura Canada is a 100+ store apparel retailer with a national presence across Canada and places a significant emphasis on customer service. The company turned to OrderDynamics (ecommerce and retail order management solutions) to launch its initial ecommerce website with sophisticated omni-channel commerce features such as single view of the customer, real-time inventory look up, cross-channel loyalty and more to please their loyal customers and gain a competitive advantage over competitors.

  5. Retail Tag And Label System Improves Distribution

    In the apparel industry, distribution to multiple destinations has to be precise and fast.  The customers of a famous clothing manufacturer in Japan asked their department stores and wholesalers to examine their logistics management to try and improve accuracy, and the speed of deliveries.

  6. The Evolution Of Shoe Gallery's E-Commerce

    Customized, integrated E-Commerce platform propels Shoe Gallery's growth into a national brand.

  7. Omni-Channel Fulfillment Drives 65% Growth At The Shoe Company

    The Shoe Company is a national big box footwear and clothing retailer with 60 stores across Canada. To support its rapidly growing web channel and leverage inventory across the organization, The Shoe Co. deployed OrderDynamics’ Ecommerce Platform and Retail Order Management Solution to enable omni-channel commerce fulfillment options.

  8. Laura Canada Leaps Ahead Of Competitors With eCommerce Solution

    Founded in 1930, Laura Canada is one of Canada’s leading women’s apparel retailer, operating more than 170 retail outlets across Canada under Laura, Laura Petite, Laura Plus, and Laura Petite Plus banners. With online apparel sales growing at an annual rate of 22% in North America and a direct competitor seeing 31% 1 annual growth in online sales, Laura Canada needed to deliver an eCommerce experience that would both delight its customers and rival the competition.

  9. Solution Provides Omni-Channel Delivery With Order Management At JYSK Canada

    Founded in 1979, JYSK is an international retailer of bed, bath, and home furnishings, operating 2,200 stores across 34 countries, including 54 in Canada.

    To optimize its eCommerce operation JYSK implemented an enterprise-grade Order Management System to create a seamless shopping experience for its customers.

  10. Henry's Camera Achieves 80% Annual Growth From Omni-Channel Offering

    Since its inception in 1909, Henry’s has evolved into Canada’s preeminent independent photography retailer. With over 30 stores across Canada, Henry’s has come to the forefront in the Canadian retail space with its best-in-class Omni-Channel shopping experience following the re-launch of its flagship website in 2010 with OrderDynamics.