Retail IT Case Studies

  1. Protecting The World’s Largest Truckstop

    Iowa 80 Group provides 100 percent uptime for security camera data, avoiding liability in lawsuits based on fraudulent claims.

  2. Wet Seal Resolves Web Issues, Reduces Workload And Projects A Faster ROI

    With e-commerce sales comprising a significant portion of the company’s revenue, Wet Seal needed more insight into its Web applications to make its performance problems easier to find and resolve, as well as alleviate end user complaints.

  3. La Perla Streamlines Secure Global Networking With Dell SonicWALL

    Apparel retailer gives worldwide offices and boutiques easy, secure access to headquarters resources.

  4. Kelly-Moore Paints Gains Efficiencies With Integration

    Kelly-Moore needed to give their sales organization one view of all customer records by integrating Salesforce with their ERP and POS systems, and they needed to do so quickly.

  5. Fabricating An Agile, Efficient IT Infrastructure

    Haggar reduces storage management time by 70 percent, while reclaiming 40 hours a month for end users.

  6. Innovating The Online Home Electronics Market

    Gome implements a robust e-commerce platform and achieves 500 percent efficiency increase in the logistics of the large household appliances department compared to industry average.

  7. eBay Drives Down Transaction Costs With Data Center Solution

    eBay® needed an efficient, scalable data center to keep pace with growth and reduce costs.

  8. Major Retailer Boosts Insight With More SAP Speed

    Luxury jewellery retailer in the UK increases SAP performance by around 50 per cent with flexible storage platform.

  9. Driving Contact Center Excellence And Financial Performance At eBay

    If you think managing a single contact center for a single brand is challenging enough, consider for a moment the case of eBay Enterprise. eBay Enterprise manages contact centers that simultaneously support well over a hundred major retail brands—part of a global network of customer service operations with four contact centers, thousands of customer support agents, and services provided in ten languages. Their client base spans the retail spectrum from apparel and fashion accessories to consumer electronics, sporting goods, home appliances, and more.

  10. Minimizing Communication Challenges Through Strong Levels Of Customer Support At Bon-Ton

    As a major retail department store chain, Bon-Ton has a widespread employee population. Keeping managers and store operators all on the same page is of the upmost importance for success. Regional sales and other events need to be coordinated in a timely fashion, and earnings reports and regular contact from stores to corporate offices are essential to normal operations.