Retail IT Featured Editorial

  1. 6 Questions To Ask Before Implementing A Cash Automation Solution

    If you ask 100 retailer leaders about their biggest worries, chances are Amazon will come up once or twice. Probably some inventory management concerns and a fair number of omnichannel woes. One thing you probably won’t hear a retailer fretting about is their cost of cash. But they ought to be.

  2. Auditing: An Essential Tool For Any Effective LP Program

    By monitoring execution and correcting identified deficiencies throughout the year, you can improve compliance, control loss, and keep both employees and customers safe.

  3. The Impact Of Service Delivery On Customer Experience

    To truly impact customer experience, view your service delivery from the customer vantage point.

  4. Creating A Customer Experience That Drives Field Service Profitability

    Leading service organizations are succeeding by striking the perfect balance between technology, flexible processes, and sales psychology-driven behaviors.

  5. Reverse Lifecycle Management: The Next Opportunity In Field Service

    A better option has emerged for companies using disparate systems to manage reverse logistics.

  6. Is Your App Marketing Strategy Truly Mobile-First?

    Savvy retailers have long been preparing for a mobile-first world of ecommerce, and it’s safe to say that brave new world is officially here. In the US alone, more than 160 million adults have made at least one purchase using a mobile phone. And in a recent global survey of consumers conducted with Imperium and Precision Sample, we found that mobile buying and browsing is now the norm, especially among millennials and Gen Xers.

  7. Advice On Voice

    In the upcoming March/April 2018 issue of Retail Executive, I dedicate my Viewpoint article to voice commerce, a topic we’ll be covering more diligently as the technology progresses. As such, I caught up with Saeed Amidi, CEO of Plug and Play Tech Center and Retail Executive Editorial Advisory Board member to get his take on the progression of the technology and how retailers should utilize it.

  8. Retail Tactics Proven To Win Online Shoppers

    New guide demonstrates how eCommerce marketplaces are impacting global online shopping trends.

  9. Retail Disruptors Driving Retail Transformation

    New RSR Study looks at how disruptive behaviors are helping retail to evolve.

  10. Physical Stores Are Evolving To Meet New Roles For Customers

    Stores are key and will thrive, but only with transformation of in-store customer experiences.