Retail IT Featured Editorial

  1. Creating A Customer Experience That Drives Field Service Profitability

    Leading service organizations are succeeding by striking the perfect balance between technology, flexible processes, and sales psychology-driven behaviors.

  2. Reverse Lifecycle Management: The Next Opportunity In Field Service

    A better option has emerged for companies using disparate systems to manage reverse logistics.

  3. Is Your App Marketing Strategy Truly Mobile-First?

    Savvy retailers have long been preparing for a mobile-first world of ecommerce, and it’s safe to say that brave new world is officially here. In the US alone, more than 160 million adults have made at least one purchase using a mobile phone. And in a recent global survey of consumers conducted with Imperium and Precision Sample, we found that mobile buying and browsing is now the norm, especially among millennials and Gen Xers.

  4. 5 Game-Changing Technologies Leaders Will Rapidly Adopt

    To succeed over the next decade, retail and consumer goods leaders will need to have a laser focus on which technologies increase the value add for consumers, weighing those benefits against their costs. Doing so will help retailers thrive in the new age of retailing by competing on what matters most — customer engagement and wallet share.

  5. The Case For A Voice Strategy

    I’m willing to bet decent money that you’ve come across articles to the effect of “Top X Technologies and Trends in 2018,” and that voice technology has ranked high on those lists. Some articles on voice and its impact on the retail industry deliver a terrifying and threatening sense of urgency, especially for CPGs. While retailers (and CPGs) need to have their finger on the pulse of voice technology, let’s take a big, collective deep breath. There’s only one way to compete in voice shopping, and that’s to develop a solid strategy.

  6. Paving The Way For Retail In Washington

    Retailers’ challenges remain, but continued emphasis on public policy and regulatory reform efforts will help retailers face economic and political threats.

  7. What You Need To Know About The General Data Protection Regulation

    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the European Union’s new regulation on data and cybersecurity that will become law in the EU on May 25, 2018. It’s designed to legally strengthen data protection for everyone living in the European Union and create a single data protection regime for businesses and consumers to rely on.

  8. Omni-Channel Expectations

    How many online transactions does a customer make per year?

  9. 5 Critical Ways To Lead The Forefront Of Change

    Good news for retailers: Mastercard SpendingPulse recently reported that U.S. year-end holiday retail sales rose 4.9 percent over last year, making it the best holiday season since 2011. What’s more, overall holiday buying set a new record for dollars spent.

  10. 7 Ways To Connect Customers’ In-Store And Digital Behaviors

    As retailers ramp up their efforts to unify customers’ offline and online journeys, solutions like identity management, the use of connected customer graphs, location-based tracking, machine learning, and IoT will all play an important role in helping to connect customers’ digital and physical behaviors.