Retail IT Featured Editorial

  1. 5 Critical Ways To Lead The Forefront Of Change

    Good news for retailers: Mastercard SpendingPulse recently reported that U.S. year-end holiday retail sales rose 4.9 percent over last year, making it the best holiday season since 2011. What’s more, overall holiday buying set a new record for dollars spent.

  2. 7 Ways To Connect Customers’ In-Store And Digital Behaviors

    As retailers ramp up their efforts to unify customers’ offline and online journeys, solutions like identity management, the use of connected customer graphs, location-based tracking, machine learning, and IoT will all play an important role in helping to connect customers’ digital and physical behaviors.

  3. AI Might Write The Perfect Love Letter, But Will Your Customer Read It?

    Where we can, should, and must head in the age of the machine.

  4. The New Retail Frontier: Next-Level Personalization

    The best retailers will embrace new digital tools that make it easier to personalize every encounter from that first moment of inspiration to finally taking action.

  5. The Future Of Retail Requires Transformation

    4 key trends are shaping future strategies and tactics to help retailers survive, adapt, and win.

  6. Why Every Retailer Should Have an LP Awareness Program

    Mike Keenan, CPP, CFI, LPC, Managing Director, Retail Loss Prevention at TAL Global Corporation, is a firm advocate for awareness programs in retail. According to Keenan, one of the most critical components to a successful LP program is fully utilizing employees in supporting the company’s loss prevention strategy, as every employee can play a role in controlling loss and promoting safety. He states that a knowledgeable and well-trained employee will be more engaged; they will be better at executing processes; they will be more likely to comply with policies and procedures; they will be less likely to steal and more likely to report those who do; and they will be more committed to keeping themselves and those around them safe.

  7. Retail Tactics Proven To Win Online Shoppers

    New guide demonstrates how eCommerce marketplaces are impacting global online shopping trends.

  8. Retail Disruptors Driving Retail Transformation

    New RSR Study looks at how disruptive behaviors are helping retail to evolve.

  9. Physical Stores Are Evolving To Meet New Roles For Customers

    Stores are key and will thrive, but only with transformation of in-store customer experiences.

  10. Holiday Analysis Reveals Strengths And Weaknesses In Retailers’ Omnichannel Initiatives

    As customers use more channels with higher expectations, retailers need to invest in better support.