Retail IT Featured Editorial

  1. Is Black Friday Becoming Obsolete?

    What does rising ecommerce mean for traditional brick-and-mortar holiday retail sales?

  2. RiskIQ Finds 1 in 25 Black Friday-themed Apps Are Fake

    E-commerce faces greater challenges of fake apps and landing pages than ever.

  3. New UPS Study Highlights Online Shoppers’ Expectations

    Return policies, delivery options, and exceptional customer service all top the list.

  4. Retailers Need To Ensure Fool-Proof Websites Before Black Friday Sales

    Virtual waiting rooms can help win sales on busy holiday traffic days.

  5. How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Unsubscribe

    When did “unsubscribe” become such a dirty word for marketers?

  6. Walmart’s New Shelf-Scanning Robots Exemplify How AI And Humans Can Work Together

    New technology will replenish inventory and make restock more efficient.

  7. Retailers Need To Invest In Technology For Holiday Rush

    Survey finds that neglecting tech investment could cost retailers $300,000 this holiday season.

  8. Shoppers Still Frustrated By Lack Of Personalization Provided By Retailers

    More than two-thirds surveyed said they see shopping experiences as too impersonal.

  9. BJ’s Wholesale Club Launches New Mobile App

    Retailers need to leverage mobile commerce to win customers.

  10. Panelists Outline Benefits And Challenges To RFID Implementation For Retailers

    Target, Lululemon, Athletica, and Levi Strauss all say RFID has boosted performance.