Retail IT Featured Editorial

  1. Reducing Cash Handling Can Boost Retail Sales And Profit Growth

    Report demonstrates that retailers can reclaim labor hours by automating cash handling processes.

  2. Shoppers Lack Incentive To Write Product Reviews But Rely On Them To Make Purchase Decisions

    Study finds that online shoppers lack time and incentive from businesses to write product reviews.

  3. Holiday Sales Rose 4.9 Percent For 2017 In Largest Year-Over-Year Increase Since 2011

    Higher spending reflects solid consumer confidence and soaring ecommerce sales.

  4. New UPS Study Highlights The Changing Channel Dynamics Of Retail

    Empowered shoppers create changing dynamics for retailers across channels.

  5. RSR Report Examines how Retailers Can Build A Better Workforce

    As customers demand better experiences, retailers must rethink the creation of their workforce.

  6. New Retail Study Finds Shoppers Receive Less Personalized Service Online Than In-Store

    Integrating personalized help across channels is crucial for retailers to win sales.

  7. Black Friday Is Dead; Long live Black November.

    Retailers adjust to new reality of Black November as purchases spread across holiday season.

  8. New Study Shows Retail IT Services Market Will Expand To $117 Billion By 2021

    Research demonstrates that retailers are increasingly turning to outside partners for IT services.

  9. 2018 Will Be The Year Of Digital Customer Experience

    New Year will see CMOs scale up, integrate, and transform to become customer-centric.

  10. Report Finds Retailers Need New Solutions To Meet Supply Chain Challenges

    The changing retail landscape requires adaptation and flexibility to meet new challenges.