Retail IT Featured Editorial

  1. The Personalization Myth: Why Most Email Programs Suck

    Ask yourself this: Do your customers find your marketing emails useful? Honestly, do they? A statistic I came across from Fluent suggests consumers think marketing emails are consistently useful only 15 percent of the time and not useful nearly 60 percent of the time.

  2. Why Legacy Material Handling Systems Stunt Omni-Channel Growth

    Yesterday, today and tomorrow.  As supply chain professionals, we are faced with having to meet the challenges of the most rapidly changing environment witnessed in more than a generation.  Ecommerce is being thrust upon us at a breakneck speed.

  3. Retailers Should Leverage Ecommerce This Holiday Season To Challenge Amazon

    As the holiday shopping season gets closer, companies are scrambling for their share of an expected $929.15 billion in sales from November and December. Within that spend, more than 10% of total sales will happen online, and Amazon is the undisputed king of that market.

  4. How Apps Are Being Shadowed By Messaging

    Businesses have prioritized interacting with customers through mobile devices to create stronger relationships. They have even developed their own apps to better communicate with their customers as a personal touch. However, according to PC World, the amount of apps downloaded has decreased by 20 percent in 2016. Are consumers settling with the popular used social media apps and decreasing their need for other apps? On average, consumers hardly download even one app in a month’s time.

  5. Target Launches New “GPS For Your Shopping Cart”

    New beacon and Bluetooth technology will help consumers find their way through busy stores.

  6. Walmart Employees Adopt Facebook Workplace To Facilitate Tasks

    Walmart has announced that its employees are now using Facebook Workplace, a suite of business software that allows workers to chat and share documents. Facebook Workplace is essentially a business version of the social network. According to Facebook, more than 14,000 companies now use the Workplace software.

  7. Keeping Branch IT Current

    The branch is a tough, hostile IT environment. The distributed nature of branch IT presents the IT team with a real and unique set of security and compliance challenges that are radically different from the datacenter. This is a problem, as retail branches are often on the front line when it comes to modern cyber-attacks.

  8. How To Leverage Existing Data To Optimize The Customer Experience

    Retailers are under massive pressure from global competition and the rise in both the quantity of e-commerce options and the customer loyalty attained by huge players such as Amazon and Apple. The post-sales support provided by Amazon and polished customer experience offered by Apple are not only synonymous with their brands but, in fact, are a large part of the brand itself.

  9. 3 Keys To A Successful Omni-Channel Holiday

    The importance of delivering high-quality customer experiences in today’s retail space is well-understood. The new challenge has become how to deliver that experience in a profitable way while also keeping up with rapidly-changing consumer expectations, fueled by online retailers.

  10. IKEA Nears Release Date For New Augmented Reality App

    In June, IKEA announced that it was partnering with Apple to create an augmented reality app to drive its e-commerce platform, as Retail Insights reported. Now, IKEA is planning to make its IKEA Place augmented reality application, built on Apple’s new ARKit AR development platform, available before the end this month in the Apple app store, according to a Sept. 12 press release.