Vendor Insights

  1. The Expanding Wallets And Purchasing Influence Of Millennials And Gen Z

    And 6 Keys to Modern Customer Support That Can Help Businesses Tap Into Both.

  2. Top 3 Trends That Have An Impact On Software Testing In 2019

    Business owners continue to meet the current digital transformation challenges from time to time. Not only have the product releases been reduced from months to weeks and days, so have the quality standards increased. One of the most revolutionary trends of this era is the software testing tools in the software development process. However, a software testing company works on achieving digital excellence by using the top trends for this year.

  3. 7 Ways To Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

    High shopping cart abandonment rate is an unpleasant reality for many Ecomm businesses and there are numerous reasons why customers may change their mind half way through the purchasing process. Let’s have a look.

  4. Do You Have A Love-Hate Relationship With Vendor-Funded Promotions?

    Do you look forward to or dread managing vendor-funded promotions in your retail business? They can be a great sales driver, but they also can be complicated and time-consuming to manage

  5. Cracking The Code: What Online Shoppers Value Most

    As anticipated, the retail industry continued to evolve in 2018, with overall sales jumping close to 5%, online marketplaces grabbing a larger slice of the pie, and legacy brick-and- mortar retailers shifting more resources online. The industry is ripe for even more change in 2019. With eCommerce sales projected to reach $530.6 billion by 2020, retailers must continue to evolve to meet customer’s expectations. 

  6. How Retailers Can Better Prepare To Service The Customer

    As Founder and CEO of UJET, Inc., Anand Janefalkar has 15 years of experience in the technology industry and has served as a technical advisor for various startups in the Bay Area. Before to founding UJET, he served as Senior Engineering Manager at Jawbone, and also previously contributed to multiple high-profile projects at Motorola. Fadi ElTal is the head of Customer Support and Insights at Noon Home, and is behind the program’s overall launch strategy and bring up. These two recently spoke with Retail Operations Insights about customer experience, consumer loyalty, and the future of retail.

  7. Beyond BOPIS - 5 Omnichannel Must Haves

    In order to deliver the best cross-channel shopping experience, future-thinking retailers must go beyond buy online pick up in-store (BOPIS) and push the envelope with inventive new tactics.

  8. Transforming Customer Service With Artificial Intelligence

    (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies will completely transform customer service over the next five years. Watch this webcast with DestinationCRM and Radial to learn how AI can transform your customer service paradigm.

  9. Turning High Risk Digital Gift Cards Into Profit

    With a 200% expected increase in digital gift card sales projected for 2018, it’s essential for retailers to have the right fraud management strategies in place to tap into this lucrative market, while minimizing risk. View this insightful webinar with Brett Glass, CEO at GCI, an Incomm company, KC Fox, Senior Vice President, Technology Services at Radial, and DJ Murphy, Editor-in-Chief at CardNotPresent to uncover actionable strategies to turn high-risk gift cards into profit.

  10. Man vs. Machine: Striking The Right Balance For Effective Fraud & Chargeback Prevention

    In this on-demand webinar, Radial and Chargebacks911 offer expert advice and insider tips on how to achieve the most effective and efficient fraud prevention, leveraging both automated fraud management tools as well as a manual review team. We answer your questions and offer insight on why both are important, and how to use them together to stop fraud without turning away legitimate orders.