Vendor Insights

  1. AI In The Supply Chain: It’s More Than Just Big Data

    As retail continues to become digitized, one intersection of opportunity is revamping supply chain management to connect popular trends and bring data driven insight into retail strategies. Recently, OpenText’s Mark Morley — Director, Strategic Product Marketing for Business Network — took time to answer questions about how supply chain management can shape retailers’ use of AI and more.

  2. Smart Tags Reveal Brands’ Sustainability Efforts

    In an age where millennials are constantly checking the tag for the right size and price, they’re also looking for a values match; high-quality, sustainable items that match their budget, as well as where it came from and how it was made.

  3. Why Black Friday (As We Know It) Is Dead

    It’s never too soon to begin thinking about the holiday shopping season. As more businesses are choosing to follow retail and outdoor recreation services corporation REI’s lead and “opt out” of Black Friday, brands have a unique and unprecedented opportunity to reach consumers in innovative ways.

  4. How To Best Get And Leverage User-Generated Content

    Consumers are clamoring for user-generated content (UGC), but providing it can be difficult. George Eberstadt, CEO of TurnTo Networks, recently took time to discuss the benefits of UGC, how to use it effectively, and more in a Q&A with

  5. How To Improve The Modern-Day Supply Chain

    Chris Rogers, Panjiva Research Director, recently took time to answer questions for about supply chain-related challenges retailers are facing and how to overcome them, what the future of the supply chain looks like, and more.

  6. Manual Time Clocks Lead To Time Theft And Profit Loss

    Traditional punch clocks were the first time clock systems to be used to track employees time and attendance. They typically work this way: an employee punches in and out of work with a paper punch card. While they are simple to use, they do not protect businesses from time theft and profit loss. In the restaurant industry, this fact can be especially troubling, with employees working all different types of shifts, unlike a more traditional 9 to 5 scenario. Keeping track of time and attendance in the restaurant industry can be a real headache, especially if owners and operators are relying on outdated equipment.

  7. Choices You Need To Make If You Use Symantec Certificates

    With online retailers soon locking down their code for the upcoming holiday season, one thing they surely will want to guarantee is shoppers aren’t discouraged from visiting their site.

  8. How Back-End AI Creates Effortless Customer Experience

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is a huge buzzword with nearly half of retailers having near-term plans to use it for improved shopper experiences.

  9. Unlocking The Power Of Review Syndication

    Syndication is a way for retailers to quickly increase the volume of product reviews they display. Brands, typically first to collect this valuable user generated content (UGC), are eager for retailers to feature these on their e-commerce sites.

  10. Why Value Channel Shoppers Prefer Receipt-Based Offers

    inStream completed its annual value channel shopper tracking study, interviewing shoppers nationwide at value channel retail locations. The study found value shoppers’ interest in receipt-based offers grew year-over-year and outpaces awareness of and interest in other types of promotions, including digital offers.