Retail IT Featured Editorial

  1. Walmart Raises The Stakes Against Amazon To The Cloud

    The Wall Street Journal reported that Walmart has apparently told its technology vendors that if they want the retail giant’s business, they need to ensure that none of its applications are being run on Amazon Web Services., but to shift them to alternative services like Microsoft’s Azure. This is raising the battle between Amazon and Walmart to new levels, according to Fox Business News.

  2. Newly Mandated UPS Surcharges A Result Of The ‘Amazon Effect’

    UPS Announces New Delivery Surcharges For Black Friday and Christmas orders.

  3. New Survey Finds Retail Shrink Increased To $48.9 Billion In 2016

    While retailers are being proactive in combatting crime, much work remains to be done.

  4. New Ikea Augmented Reality App Leverages Technology To Drive E-Commerce

    40 percent of consumers say they would consider using VR to purchase household goods.

  5. Acquisitions Make Consumers More Likely To Shop With Parent Companies

    While Amazon announced its plan for a grocery takeover with the $310 billion acquisition of Whole Foods, Walmart has its sights set more on luxury retail with a $310M acquisition of Bonobos.

  6. New Report Assesses How Retailers Cross Channel Efforts Are Faring

    Even as the way people shop has changed drastically in recent years, retailers have been applying systematic, incremental changes to old processes and the systems that supported old ways of shopping that are not just adjusting fast enough. A recent study from RSR Research has found that retailers must move faster, spend begrudging amounts on tech and employees, and — at the same time — get out of the Amazon price war.

  7. Acquisition Of Whole Foods Could Place Amazon As Clear E-Grocery Market Leader

    Amazon is buying Whole Foods in a deal worth roughly $13.7 billion, a move that speaks volumes about the future of the rapidly growing e-grocery market. The move falls in line with Amazon’s recent forays into the grocery industry as well as their ever expanding distribution presence.

  8. Explore The Cross-Departmental Benefits Of Asset Protection

    As Five Below’s first asset protection department head, Gregg Smith sought to reduce manual processes with a data-driven approach that would positively affect the entire organization.

  9. Only The Analytical Survive: A New Era In Retail

    Retail has always been in the forefront of business intelligence (BI). From the days of on-premises machines to today’s cloud-based solutions, retail has looked for new ways learn about their customers and discover new ways to serve them.

  10. Walmart Testing Delivery By Store Associates To Help With Fulfillment

    Walmart has announced that it is Beta-testing a new service that leverages its store associates to help with the fulfilment of online orders by delivering items directly to customer homes. As the blog post asserts, “Not only can this cut shipping costs and get packages to their final destinations faster and more efficiently, it creates a special win-win-win for customers, associates, and the business.”