Retail IT Featured Editorial

  1. How Data And Technology Will Keep You One Step Ahead Of The Customer

    It’s well known retailers who know their customers keep their customers. However, it’s much harder to grow and acquire loyal customers. With the shopper front and center and clearly in control, retailers need to apply what they know about their customers’ needs, wants, and behaviors to stay relevant. By Bill Peterson, Senior Director, Industry Solutions, MapR Technologies

  2. How To Improve Call Center Data Security Without Forgoing Customer Service

    Retail is one of the most frequently targeted sectors for data breaches. In fact, it is the industry with the largest single share of incidents investigated in Trustwave’s Annual Global Security Report for two years running. By Tim Critchley, CEO, Semafone

  3. The 4 Strategic Pillars Of Shopper-First Retail

    A few months ago, The New York Times published a feature story urging retailers to imagine the store of the future. By Matthew Eisnor and Armughan Javaid, Vice President, East Region Retail Vertical Co-Leads, SapientRazorfish

  4. 5 Ways To Enhance Your e-Commerce Inventory Management Process

    With the surge in the e-commerce, the need to employ appropriate inventory management practices for e-commerce warehousing has increased tremendously. By Kevin Hill, Quality Scales Unlimited

  5. July Retail Sales Rebound With 3.5 Percent Growth Over 2016

    July retail sales rose 0.6 percent from the previous month on a seasonally adjusted basis, triple the revised 0.2 percent growth in June, according to the latest figures from the National Retail Federation. Sales rose by 3.5 percent year-over-year, a continuation of June’s growth and consistent with long-term trends, the NRF said. (The numbers exclude automobiles, gasoline stations and restaurants.)

  6. Why You Should Embrace Dynamic Video Remarketing

    Big brother is watching. When consumers view a product online they will see that very same product appear in various places across the internet. By Sarah Nochimowski, marketing director, Treepodia

  7. The Growing Gap Between High- And Low-Performing Stores

    Retail is considerably different than it was 10 years ago, yet the tools and techniques used to identify store performance gaps haven't changed. By Logan Rodriguez, Director of Retail, Square Root

  8. How To Beat Amazon By Digitizing Your Supply Chain

    If traditional retailers have not gotten the newsflash yet, here it is: Amazon is coming after your business. As demonstrated by Amazon’s intent to purchase Whole Foods, there is no stopping the e-commerce giant from using its vast resources to continue its pursuit of retail dominance. By Bernard Goor, vice president and industry evangelist, One Network Enterprises

  9. JCPenney Adopts Apple Pay And Integrates Its Store Card And Loyalty Points

    When Apple Pay debuted in the fall of 2014, it was accepted by some 220,000 retailers nationwide, as Retail Insights reported, with early adopters including Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Walgreens, Staples, Subway, Nike, Subway, Petco, Radio Shack, Chevron, and McDonalds. As retailers and merchants continue to search for ways to entice shoppers with convenience, the list of adopters has steadily grown.

  10. Study Finds Retailers Are Looking To AI To Bridge The Gap

    More than 86 percent of CMOs are planning to invest in machine learning and AI in 2017.