Retail IT Featured Editorial

  1. Why Connecting Consumers In-Store Can Be A Failed Masterpiece

    We’ve all had this experience: You walk into a store and find a product you like, open your phone for the obligatory quick price comparison and the store’s Wi-Fi network pops up, asking you to login or to register for an account. As a casual shopper, I view this as a hassle. On more than one occasion, I’ve just clicked cancel and foregone the free Wi-Fi.

  2. While The Future Of Commerce Is Biometrics, Consumers Remain Wary Of The Risks

    Retailers have a serious challenge before them in terms of the payment options they offer their customers. As technology advances and makes new solutions available, it could have a serious impact on the way customers pay for their orders. But despite these advances, many consumers remain wary about the security risks of biometric solutions. In fact, approximately 40 percent of the more than 3,000 consumers surveyed by payments platform company Paysafe and research firm Loudhouse said biometric solutions are too risky to use right now.

  3. Traceability: The Solution To Product Recalls

    It seems product recalls are now the norm on a wide range of products from cellphones to ATVs, high heels, children’s clothing, and more.  In one week, the CPSC reported several recalls on its website: incorrect venting Nutrilife® hydrogen peroxide bottles cause fires or burns; By Gary Barraco, Director, Global Product Marketing, Amber Road

  4. 5 Ways To Compete Online In The Amazon Era

    It’s probably no surprise the majority of online sales run through leading e-tailers such as Amazon and By Patrick van Boom, CMO, TIE Kinetix

  5. Top Strategies For Building A Better User Generated Content Program

    It’s a splendid time to be a shopper. They can click, tap, swipe, and mobile pay their way through the friction-free commerce landscape. By Jim Davidson, director of research, TurnTo Networks

  6. Kohl’s And Amazon Team Up To Offer “Smart Home Experience”

    Kohl’s has announced the introduction of a new "Amazon smart home experience" at 10 Kohl’s stores in the Los Angeles and Chicago areas, opening in October. These new spaces are a “first-of-its-kind experience,” allowing customer to purchase Amazon devices, accessories and smart home devices and serviced directly from Amazon, housed within select Kohl’s stores.

  7. Creating More Jobs With AI

    Today, artificial intelligence, or AI, has contributed greatly to how business is conducted. However, with the push of technology and AI to provide advanced services to consumers, many fear AI will take over the majority of jobs and become a negative with consumers. By James Ramey, CEO, DeviceBits

  8. Deliver A Stand Out Shopping Experience Through Loyalty

    In an increasingly transparent operating environment, independent retailers must find innovative ways to advance the consumer experience as a means of competitive differentiation. By Doug Smith, director, product marketing, retail and distribution, Epicor Software

  9. New CFO Says Greater Tech Investment Can Improve Decision-Making For JCPenney

    New CFO Jeffrey Davis told The Wall Street Journal that JCPenney could improve its ability to cut operational costs and enhance the customer experience by reallocating some of its $400 million in capital spending to be used on technology investments. He is committed to investing in technology to help improve decision-making for the retailer. Davis took over the position in July, succeeding interim chief financial officer Andrew Drexler.

  10. 4 Reasons You Need To Take Blockchain Seriously

    Retailers are bombarded with so many new technologies it’s difficult to keep up. Each new tool or platform makes bold claims of transformative capabilities. By Sunny Lu, Co-founder & CEO, VeChain