Retail IT Featured Editorial

  1. Top Strategies For Building A Better User Generated Content Program

    It’s a splendid time to be a shopper. They can click, tap, swipe, and mobile pay their way through the friction-free commerce landscape. By Jim Davidson, director of research, TurnTo Networks

  2. Kohl’s And Amazon Team Up To Offer “Smart Home Experience”

    Kohl’s has announced the introduction of a new "Amazon smart home experience" at 10 Kohl’s stores in the Los Angeles and Chicago areas, opening in October. These new spaces are a “first-of-its-kind experience,” allowing customer to purchase Amazon devices, accessories and smart home devices and serviced directly from Amazon, housed within select Kohl’s stores.

  3. Creating More Jobs With AI

    Today, artificial intelligence, or AI, has contributed greatly to how business is conducted. However, with the push of technology and AI to provide advanced services to consumers, many fear AI will take over the majority of jobs and become a negative with consumers. By James Ramey, CEO, DeviceBits

  4. Deliver A Stand Out Shopping Experience Through Loyalty

    In an increasingly transparent operating environment, independent retailers must find innovative ways to advance the consumer experience as a means of competitive differentiation. By Doug Smith, director, product marketing, retail and distribution, Epicor Software

  5. New CFO Says Greater Tech Investment Can Improve Decision-Making For JCPenney

    New CFO Jeffrey Davis told The Wall Street Journal that JCPenney could improve its ability to cut operational costs and enhance the customer experience by reallocating some of its $400 million in capital spending to be used on technology investments. He is committed to investing in technology to help improve decision-making for the retailer. Davis took over the position in July, succeeding interim chief financial officer Andrew Drexler.

  6. 4 Reasons You Need To Take Blockchain Seriously

    Retailers are bombarded with so many new technologies it’s difficult to keep up. Each new tool or platform makes bold claims of transformative capabilities. By Sunny Lu, Co-founder & CEO, VeChain

  7. Putting Merchandising Execution In The Palm Of Your Hand

    Merchandising is the heart of any retail business. As consumers have countless ways to purchase products, whether in brick-and-mortar locations or across dozens of online retailers, there is increasing pressure on merchandisers to ensure a consumer experiences products the way a brand manager intended. By Stefan T. Midford, CEO, Natural Insight

  8. Why Facilities Management Is Key To Optimizing Retail Stores

    There’s no denying the retail industry is in a state of transformation, evolving in unprecedented fashion and adding the need for a shift in both basic and complex business practices in order to stay competitive. The lift is not light, but the risks associated with sticking with the status quo are devastating. By Tom Buiocchi, CEO, ServiceChannel

  9. Walmart Aggressively Challenges Amazon With Google Partnership

    Walmart wants to make online ordering even easier for its customers. The discount retail chain has announced a new partnership with Google that will allow shoppers to select hundreds of thousands of items for voice shopping via Google Assistant. According to a blog post by Marc Lore, president and CEO of Walmart U.S. eCommerce, this is the largest number of items currently offered by any retailer using the platform.

  10. Customers’ Omnichannel Retail Expectations Revealed

    A new study from Radial and CFI Group has demonstrated that retailers who meet rising fulfillment, customer experience and payment and fraud expectations will win the loyalty race.