Retail IT White Papers

  1. The Fusion Of Content And Commerce: Providing Shopping Experiences For Tomorrow’s Customers

    When launching their new English website, LUSH-the well-known manufacturer of natural cosmetics - made sure to support their products with attractive images and Inspiring copy. After only a few months, their Content Commerce strategy is starting to pay off: online orders have increased by 64%, website visits by as much as 75%.

  2. MultiSight Gateway Security

    The MultiSight Gateway is an appliance running an embedded Linux® operating system. The system does not support direct end-user access or OS level interaction thus minimizing security vulnerabilities. Unnecessary services and ports are turned off under normal operation to minimize security vulnerabilities.

  3. Applying Location As A Service (LaaS) For Omni-channel

    Retail is a location-centric business. Every transaction; every customer's home address, online search, and IP connection; every coupon offered and used; every delivery, store, and missed omni-channel purchase—each one of these can be analyzed and connected to any and every other action by location.

  4. Workforce Management Solutions For The Touch Screen Generation

    Customers and employees are smarter and more demanding than ever. And today’s current generation of associates expect a work environment that is digital and “smart.” In terms of workforce management (labor scheduling, time and attendance, and task management), that means solutions that run on smart phones and mobile devices are a prerequisite for retailers.

  5. A Single Commerce Platform for Omnichannel Retailing

    How a unified approach accelerates the journey to omnichannel, creating competitive advantage along the way

  6. Optimizing Retail Allocation: 10 Must-Have Capabilities

    Superior Retail Allocation from DC to Store Door Requires the Right Resources.

  7. Retail Supply Chain Collaboration: 3 Catalysts For Success

    The business of retail continues to push forward on a rapid pace of innovation, creating major challenges for supply chain teams. Today’s retailers attack the market with activities ranging from developing unique products to helping customers finance their purchases.

  8. The State Of Retailer-Vendor Supply Chain Relationships

    The consumer goods to retail supply chain has clearly been the most prominent and quite arguably the most important sector of the supply chain for decades.

  9. Turning Your ERP Inside Out

    Today’s consumers have never had more options for researching and purchasing products. Online sales and new digital channels provide virtually unlimited assortment, price transparency and visibility to the opinions and experiences of millions of shoppers around the world. Ubiquitous information on demand has raised consumer expectations of businesses.

  10. In-store Fulfillment: Justifying The Investment, Operational Considerations And Potential ROI

    Today’s consumers expect a seamless omni-channel experience from every retailer, whether pure-play e-commerce or brick-and-mortar. According to Forrester Research 1 , 71 percent of shoppers expect to view in-store inventory online, while 50 percent expect to buy online and pick up in store. However, most retailers have not operationalized even the basics such as store pickup, cross channel inventory visibility, and store based fulfillment. There is a significant disconnect between what consumers want from retailers and the omni-channel capabilities retailers are prepared to provide.