Retail IT White Papers

  1. Consumer Commerce: It’s Not About Channels. It’s Simply About Shopping.

    It’s no secret that the world of retail has evolved into a consumer driven culture, one that is fueled by personal smart technology devices which allows for the instant gratification of knowledge and service that today’s consumer craves and demands.

  2. Why Unified Commerce Platform Is A MUST For Business Growth

    To be successful in omni-channel commerce, companies of all sizes can no longer rely on legacy siloed or homegrown business applications. With the unprecedented amount of data gathered at different points in the organization that needs to be shared across functions, efficient workflows are simply not possible when operating a patchwork of siloed point solutions and legacy applications. No matter what a systems integrator may tell you, these siloed bits of technology will never communicate as effectively as one unified platform does.

  3. Smart Strategies For Omnichannel Returns

    Retail returns policies are critical to consumer satisfaction. In the omnichannel environment, seamlessness and simplicity are paramount.

  4. The Great Disconnect Between LP And IT

    Traditional LP Technologies are being co-opted for use in other activities leading to influencers of buying decisions that would otherwise be purview of LP only.

  5. The Link Between Customer Centricity And Logistics

    As consumer demand for a convenient omnichannel retail experience grows, these requirements have a direct impact on the retailer’s approach to logistics, distribution and fulfillment.

  6. Buyer's Guide For Mobile Computers For Warehouse Operations

    DC managers and IT teams have more options than ever when selecting mobile computers for use in their facilities, both for mobile management applications, as well as for hands-free, voice-directed mobile applications used by floor associates. While management apps are now routinely used on iPads and other general purpose tablets, mobile worker applications are still predominantly used with traditional warehouse bricks (or handhelds/guns) and wearable computers, as well as voice-only appliances that are used for old-school voice picking.

  7. Will You Be Ready When A Loss Happens To You?

    What supply chain professionals need to know about insurance.

  8. Avoid The Retail “Paparazzi”

    What’s the best way to keep product and store operations gaffes out of the spotlight? Correct them before the flash bulbs start popping.

  9. The Right Choice: Enterprises Enjoy Array Of Options For Wide Area Networks (WANs)

    TCF Company, a fast-growing regional retail chain, is facing a network dilemma. Most of its data and voice traffic comes through its suburban headquarters location, which also houses its data and call centers. Lower volume — but still critical — traffic traverses to and from its two distribution centers, while the 15 primary retail stores and 10 mall kiosks need to handle bandwidth spikes during peak shopping times.

  10. Top 3 Contact Center Challenges Solved In The Cloud

    Organizations of all sizes are increasingly embracing hosted and cloud options for the contact center. Spending for cloud-based contact centers surpassed spending for on- premises contact centers in 2012, Frost & Sullivan reported in Cloud Momentum Boosts Trends in the Contact Center.