Retail IT White Papers

  1. Avoid The Retail “Paparazzi”

    What’s the best way to keep product and store operations gaffes out of the spotlight? Correct them before the flash bulbs start popping.

  2. The Right Choice: Enterprises Enjoy Array Of Options For Wide Area Networks (WANs)

    TCF Company, a fast-growing regional retail chain, is facing a network dilemma. Most of its data and voice traffic comes through its suburban headquarters location, which also houses its data and call centers. Lower volume — but still critical — traffic traverses to and from its two distribution centers, while the 15 primary retail stores and 10 mall kiosks need to handle bandwidth spikes during peak shopping times.

  3. Top 3 Contact Center Challenges Solved In The Cloud

    Organizations of all sizes are increasingly embracing hosted and cloud options for the contact center. Spending for cloud-based contact centers surpassed spending for on- premises contact centers in 2012, Frost & Sullivan reported in Cloud Momentum Boosts Trends in the Contact Center.

  4. Can Your Energy Management System Turn Big Data Into Intelligence?

    Use analytical techniques to reduce energy spend, efficiently manage budgets, and enhance Enterprise value.

  5. Scheduling Fairness: 4 Strategies For Success

    If new scheduling optimization applications encourage flexibility and fairness, why are retailers suffering so much negative scheduling press? The issue is less about technology than it is about process and management.

  6. The Changing Role Of Stores In Meeting Consumer Demand

    Learn how omnichannel retailers are meeting order expectations by leveraging store networks for fulfillment — and how smart logistical execution is helping retailers mitigate markdowns and preserve margins.

  7. A No-Surprises Operations Budget For The Retail DC?

    The modern era of omnichannel retailing delivered the death knell to your father’s retail distribution center. Too complex for the lift-truck-and-box-shuffle of yesteryear, today’s omnichannel retail environment demands sophisticated automation to meet the customer’s speed-and accuracy-of-fulfillment expectations.

  8. May Retail Returns Trends & Analysis

    The Retail Equation (TRE) publishes the annual Consumer Returns in the Retail Industry report intended to shed light on return trends and, ultimately, help retailers compare and improve their business processes.

  9. Data Security For Retail Consumers — Perceptions, Expectations And Potential Impacts

    Over the past few years, the personal information of millions of credit and debit card users has been jeopardized through data breaches at major retail stores, causing heightened concern and loss of sales.

  10. Introducing A ‘Green’ Option For Barcode Scanning

    This white paper provides a brief overview of supercapacitor power sources, explains the benefits and limitations to using supercapacitor-powered scanners at point-of-sale and other use cases, and highlights the important performance, cost and environmental differences between battery-powered and supercapacitor-powered scanners in retail environments.