Vendor Insights

  1. Share Video Quickly And Easily

    We heard a great story from one of our customers this week.  To identify a shoplifter, the store posted to their Facebook page a short video of the suspect.  Within 14 hours, the suspect was in custody.

  2. Granting And Revoking Access To Video On A BYOD Device

    Does your company allow employees to use their personal smart phone or tablet for business purposes? This option is commonly referred to as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). BYOD can be a great way to reduce IT costs.

  3. Managing Network Traffic

    A while ago I was at a customer site where MultiSight was being installed. I noticed that they already had a video system in the store–your typical low cost DVR with analog cameras. This system was being replaced by MultiSight. I asked the customer if this DVR setup had worked for them.  The answer was “Yes, but whenever we’d try to see the video remotely, we couldn’t process credit cards.” Attempts to view video remotely would saturate their network connection out of the store, and interfere with their Point of Sale (POS) system’s ability to process credit cards.

  4. Video Analytics From MultiSight: All Value, No Fuss

    In designing features like heatmaps and people counting, we exploit opportunities of MultiSight’s overall architecture in ways many other video systems cannot, so that we can offer these features at lower cost and with greater flexibility.

  5. 5 Words Most Heard At NRF 2016

    NRF 2016 was in my rear view mirror when I caught a late shuttle bus Jan. 19, but it’s taken me a full week to assemble and analyze my copious notes from the event. I just quickly searched what I jotted down, and these five words appeared the most often.

  6. How Predictive Analytics Shape The Supply Chain

    Greg Holder, CEO and Co-Founder, Compliance Networks talks to Innovative Retail Technologies about predictive analytics’ impact on the retail supply chain, as well as the seven most effective methods for developing and deploying a vendor compliance program.

  7. How On Demand Delivery Is Changing Retail

    Consumers are flocking to on demand delivery, but at what cost to the retailer? Innovative Retail Technologies’ Editor in Chief, Erin Harris, caught up with Ari Kaufman, CEO of Placeable, for his insight on how on demand delivery is shaping consumer behavior and the steps retailers can take to leverage it.

  8. The Conversion Center

    Why are more than 68% of e-commerce shopping carts abandoned* before the transaction is completed?

  9. The Critical Importance Of SD-WAN

    A Q&A with Innovative Retail Technologies and Brian Fink, executive VP and CTO, EarthLink.

  10. How To Simplify The Path To Omni-Channel Retailing

    Ian Goldman, CEO, Celerant Technology, shares his insights with Innovative Retail Technologies on reasonable and cost-effective solutions for omni-channel retailing.